Friday, 18 May 2012

Raising the Profile of L2L

From September 2012, our school is planning to take the next leap with Learning to Learn by embedding it across the whole of Year 7 in all lessons.  There are more details on this strategy here.  In a very simplified explanation, here (I think) are some of the main things you might want to know. 

As a method to slowly introducing it, we will be promoting 5 learner attributes with all Year 7's and encouraging them to develop them (similar to the 5R's).  Each half term, we will promote one of these attributes whole school and two departments will specifically champion them, teaching learners how to specifically improve their abilities within them.  This is a great way to famliarise both staff and students and should help people find their feet before developing it again in the following academic year.

What I am looking for now are some further ideas that are easy to set up but will have a big impact in promoting L@B, raising the awareness of the 5 learner attributes, promoting 'Growth Mindset Learners' and add to the positive ethos of learning at our school.  From reading some amazing things on Twitter and spending hours scratching my head, I have come up with some ideas that could help support our L2L project and push learning to the forefront of our Year 7's minds.  But, as always, I'm sure that there are a million better ways to do this and wondered if you could help.  I've listed my ideas below and have intentionally kept each of them simple to make them easy to run whole school.  Your feedback on these ideas would be great.  Would they work or help promote learning and effective learners or not?  More importantly, from reading the list, if you have anything that you think would be good to run, please share (either by posting a comment or tweeting me at @davidfawcett27).  So, here goes:

Additional ideas to help promote L@B (L2L) with our Years 7's next year

  • L@B launch night with parents early in September -  to introduce the 5 learner attributes to parents and show how they can support us in developing effective learners.
  • L@B learner pages in the Year 7 organisers - to highlight what we want to develop with our learners.  Teachers/parents can refer to them with students.

  • Year 7 L@B assemblies - We have a house system so all assemblies are a mix of Year 7 - 11.  Maybe have specific Year 7 assemblies every half term to raise awarness of learner qualities and L@B with students.  Highlight what's coming up and reflect on what we've just done.
  • L@B half terms - where we make a big fuss about one of the attributes each half term.
  • L@B attribute posters around the school and main ones in each department - so departments can refer to them and highlight what type of learners we expect at our school.
  • Year 7 Focus Days “with added L@B” - We have a number of Year 7 days next year (Tech day, Languages day) which we are combining with and embedding our learner attributes into as a focus.
  • RRRRRvengers - Another idea collaborated with @totallywired77 is to have student champions for the various learner attributes who can speak to parents, staff and other stakeholders about the benefits of L2L.  Because of the 5R link, we named them the RRRRRvengers!!  Either that or David and the RRRRRgonauts.
  • Staff morning briefing/Staff meetings - Get our L@B champions or RRRRRvengers to come into meetings and feedback on how L2L is developing in their lessons.  Share evidence of good examples and areas where L2L isn't being embedded as well in their opinions.
  • Competitions each half term for Year 7's which focus on developing L@B attributes (e.g. In the first half term, is there a Responsibility competition such as 'organising an event' that we could run in school?)  Maybe get departments to help come up with ideas for these?
  • L@B learner rewards – certificates for nominated students who display the specific learner attribute we are looking at in that half term.  Publicly show these to recognise good learners.
  • L@B learner rewards – Giving things like wrist bands to the top 20 Responsible, Determined, Resourceful, HOThinkers & Reflective learners each half term?  Thanks @totallywired77 for the idea.

  • L@B learner rewards – A trip to somewhere like an activity centre in the last half term for students who have really demonstrated L@B qualities?  Nominated by teachers?
  • L@B learner rewards – add ‘L@B quality’ to our merit system on SIMS?
  • Learning exhibitions (thanks @thebenhorbury and @BebbPEteach) - Exhibition of learning which we will have a big emphasis on L2L.  Parents invited to come in and see the work of their children and how they have developed their L@B learner attributes.
  • Apart from refering to the 5 learner qualities as needed, how can the whole school continuously support the main ‘championing’ departments?  Is there anything we can all take on board e.g. In the fifth half term (which is Reflectiveness), maybe have all departments display students work publicly so they can be reflected on by peers?  Doesn’t have to be on a department display board where the worry could be vandalism, maybe on teachers display boards in their classrooms?  Just an idea to promote the importance of Reflection.  Taken from @JamiePortman's visit to High Tech High.

  • Staff room display - A way to share the roll out process and key terminology with staff.  Keep them up to date with the L2L programme and ways in which they can support.
These are just some ideas of things that I hope could raise the profile of learning and our Learning to Learn strategy next year.  Obviously, I can't run them all but would like to have some inspirational suggestions to choose from.  Any ideas you may have, please either comment below, or Tweet me at @davidfawcett27



  1. Hi Dave

    Firstly, you mention in your blog about the need for wall space. If you teach regularly in K2 we can find a plot of land to pitch your stuff!

    Blog looks good but must take you hours. Wait till you've got kids!

    Additional ideas:
    1. PD reflection time for the learner attributes. Easy to build in - we could trial this.
    2. CMM reflection time with students too? Or maybe some kind of L@B student panel ??
    3. Regular email updates - perhaps we could use the GEMS for this? - in order to promote a particular skill?

    1. Think your second point links directly to the RRRRRvengers idea above where we have a select panel of students to act as champions of L@B. Just had our Year 9 L2L teachers nominate suitable candidates to help with the initial launch next year before I get Year 7 students to take over. Be very powerful having these students speak at CMM's, staff meetings, parents evenings etc. Also think the idea of using GEMS would be very effective. Just as a constant reminder to staff with hints and tips. Thanks!